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Dr. TSheila Dixon


There are many coaches to choose from.  Finding and selecting the right coach is of utmost significance as each can have a variety of skill sets, areas of expertise, approaches and styles.  There is importance in selecting a coach that is able to work with you in a co-creative, co-active and co-directive manner.  

Do you want a coach professionally trained, insightful and experienced?  Do you want a coach who has a caring, non- judgement approach and style?  Do you want a coach who’s approachable, attentive, available and who has a high level of integrity? Do you want a Coach who lends a helping hand to assist you in unleashing your full potential to make your goals and dreams a reality?

Why Select Coach Tea


Coach Tea has a unique blended background in Social Psychology, Theology and organizational certification life coach training. Her education includes Masters, Doctoral degree and life experiences over 25 years as generalist life coach. Coach Tea has been coached and did the work to becoming her better self. She continues to stay updated on coaching techniques, approaches and research; to ensure you have a fully skill equipped coach. Coach Tea is fully committed to lending a helping hand as a co-creative, co-active and co-directive partner on your journey toward goal achievement. She personifies many characteristics that can empowers people to work toward becoming their best self and reach goal achievements.    

Some Reasons to Select Coach Tea

Professionally trained, certified, skilled and educated as generalist life coach 25 years plus.
A personal humanistic touch that embraces and empowers clients to know and feel they are important and valued. Clients are treated with a high level of respect and dignity 
A caring, non-judgmental, objective and trusting environment for clients to freely discuss what's on their mind and gain clarity on what they desire or want.

Coaching sessions empowers honesty and a feeling of being safe and secure when conveying sensitive personal information. 

Coaching techniques includes educational knowledge in social and positive psychology; theology, certified coach training, and life experience. There is a structured comprehensive step- step plan that combines a co-creative, co-active, and co-directive method that afford clients to focus on desired outcomes.   

Client-Centered approach that allows an open two-way conversation, that is cooperative. Empowers clients to work through life challenges, roadblocks and stuck conditions. Provides insight on how to unleash new thoughts/mindsets and ways of responding.  

Lends a helping hand that gives a 100% individualized assistance to each client (s) whether they want to address or improve various areas of their life personally, professionally, financially or spiritually. 
Committed and dedicated to the coaching process to assist clients become their best selves and live a quality life they desire and deserve.

Coaching is a passion and most rewarding to see people unleash their full potential!!!  ~Coach Tea


Coach Tea is a great life coach, she is approachable, trustworthy, kind, practical, insightful and very attentive; a God sent angel. My husband and I both had personal and financial goals that we were trying to achieve. Collectively and separately we were stuck and did not know where to start or what to do.  We both were undisciplined with money management and did a lot of talking about personal goals; but did not have any action. Coach Tea’s approach in helping us work through a structured plan of action as an empowering partner helped us to prioritize our actions, identify the real personal goals we desired and lay out a plan to achieve them personally and financially.  One of the important things we have learned during the coaching process with Coach Tea, having great intentions and never moving to action or actually doing the work is not conductive to moving forward.  My husband and I look forward to our weekly sessions. We are well on our way to achievement. Book sessions with Coach Tea, she is totally committed to helping 100%.

—  Marilyn and Tomas | Novi, Michigan

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