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Talk With Coach Tea is a private life coaching practice that serves clients throughout the United States.  Connection with clients occurs using various methods (telephonic, secure video and in-person). Talk with Coach Tea’s physical administrative office is located in Longwood, Florida.  TSheila Dixon, Ph.D. is the founder of Talk with Coach Tea, a Division of MITBU Program, Inc.  Dr. Dixon is affectionately known as Coach Tea. Talk with Coach Tea practice provides services to individuals, couples, and families using practical assistance and guidance that empowers them to do the work necessary to become their best selves. Talk with Coach Tea lends a helping hand to people from various backgrounds, while often referred to as a woman empowerment coaching practice, there is an open policy for inclusiveness for all. 

The goal of Talk With Coach Tea private practice is to meet people where they are, to empower them to become their best self. The focus is on motivating the potential within to achieve life goals that are desired and deserved for quality living. Talk With Coach Tea coaching methodologies integrates a spiritual, psychological, emotional and intellectual approach to encourage and empower purposeful determination for people to move forward to reach their goals. Acceptance of A Helping Hand Along Life’s Journey, can be empowerment for positive achievement to be obtained.  
Talk With Coach Tea’s servanthood is in human development.   “The greatest investment is in human capital, not things”.   

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