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Unleash Your Full Potential

Become Your Best Self

Achieve Your Dreams/Goals

Dr. TSheila Dixon

Hello, I am Coach Tea!

As a generalist Life Coach for 25 plus years, I have and continue to help individuals (like yourself) move beyond life situations, struggles and unexpected upsets. To achieve life goals, it is imperative to have clear insight, whether personal, professional, spiritual or financial. There is a belief that most people have the potential within to achieve their dreams, passions and live out their life goals. A Helping Hand, Along Life’s Journey can serve as an empowerment for people to put forth the effort required to achieve.  A life coach’s co-creative, co-active and co-directive helping hand can be what is required when people are stuck, faced with life’s challenges, have roadblocks and struggles. Teaming with a Life coach can help people with taking positive steps forward, moving from the current status quo of where a person is, to where there is a desire to be.


Keep Reading...Can You Relate?

In the various experiences during life’s journey, there are often thoughts about how goals can be reached or accomplished. The focus can be personal, professional, financial or spiritual goals. During the process of trying to achieve there may be a realization that changes in behavioral thoughts, habits, self- improvement (e.g., coping skills) and skillset enhancement is required. Life’s journey for most, is not a straight path. There are many curves, twists, ups and downs that can result in situations, or conditions that cause people to get stuck.  Life’s curve ball effect can cause self- doubt, self- questioning and instability in moving forward in a positive productive manner.


Questions may include:

What will it take to get through a current situation?
How can I press forward?
Do I have what it takes to make my dreams and goals come true?
Am I capable? 
Where do I start? 
How do I get from where I am currently to where I want to be? 

Maybe life is going well, and right decisions are made related to life choices (family, profession, finances and spiritual connection). Perhaps there is a strive to become the best person and goal achievement is in reach. Maybe on the outside everything appears well put together, but the internal motivator that is required to move forward is dimmed. The spiritual driving force inside that compels a person to have a deeper purpose, a more fulfilled meaning to achieve becomes stagnant. A stagnant state often can be due to a current life situation, thought process or responses that is not conducive to moving forward.  A current status quo of actions that once served a person well, no longer can move them forward to reach desired goals.

Well there is hope…Everyone needs A Helping Hand, Along Life’s Journey. A motivational nudge to pull them up, out or come through. A helping hand that is co-creative, co-active, co-directive can inspire and motivate people to put forth the work and make changes required to achieve life goals. People often discover working with a life coach brings forth the capability that was already inside them to achieve.
Are you ready to start, to unleash your full potential? Become your best self? Achieve your desired goals and breakthrough the struggles or hindrances that are not working in trying to do it alone!


Schedule a FREE 30-minute

coaching consultation with

Coach Tea 


Together you and Coach Tea will explore your current challenges.  The 30-minute session includes explanation of how coaching works, a brief summarization of possible coaching approaches to help improve your situation and answer any related questions you may have. 

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