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A limited number of coaching consultations sessions (free of charge) are made available each week. This is great way for you and Coach Tea to get acquainted. Gain a perspective of coaching process, get questions answered and see if Coach Tea is a good fit to work with you as team.  

In the free coaching consultation session, a brief discussion about where you are currently and want to be will be discussed.  Other discussion topics your goals (personal, professional, spiritual or collective of all or some), challenges, stuck areas and what your needs are to move forward (with a helping hand) to get the results that you desire to achievement.  Coaching rates are based on the type of coaching selected.  Discounts are given for coaching packages of 3 or more sessions per month.

Please only book a coaching consultation session if you are ready to invest in becoming your best self. 


Alternative methods of booking:
Phone: (407) 308-5077


Office Hours: M-F 11:30AM – 7PM EST

*Extended office hours must be scheduled in advance.  I look forward to starting your journey with you!

Time Respect Notice: If you are unable to attend your scheduled free coaching consultation session or regular coaching appointments, please ensure you cancel and re-schedule appointment by sending a cancellation email. I will respect your time as well! Thank you in-advance for your time respect.

Prior to each scheduled session, you must complete the Coaching Preparation Form.  This form will be emailed to Coach Tea directly to assist in preparing for your session.  To access the Coaching Preparation Form, please click here.

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