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Life coaching is fundamentally about self-development and progression. Life Coaches share commonalities with other human service professionals such as psychotherapists /counselors, consultants, and mentors.  These professions are all supportive in nature as they provide support to people from where they are, empowering them to move forward to where they want to be. Similarly, life coaches use skill sets that question, listen, clarify, reframe and provide feedback. Alike, many coaches embrace a client centered approach, with an emphasis on a trust-based relationship between them and the client for successful intervention. A key difference in life coaching than other human services professions, is the working relationship between and with the client.  A life coach does not take on the position of being superior to the client, but as a partner and confidante, a major factor that makes coaching so effective. The life coaching relationship focuses on present situations to get to future achievements. Life coaching is a rapid process; people often find enjoyable as they progress forward in achievement.  To this degree, people must be willing to do the work and put forth the effort to achieve. Life coaching is a co-creative, co-active and co-directive process that builds from the bottom-up. 

Coaching Service


Talk With Coach Tea Coaching service lends a helping hand to people who desire to overcome and make improvements in their life. Improvements include such things as, but not limited to elimination of non-productive behavioral habits, patterns, and responses, enhancement in certain skill sets. Coach Tea provides various types of life coaching, based on what the clients wants, desires and needs. Types of Life Coaching can be inclusive of all or specific (personal, spiritual, professional and financial). Coaching rates are based on what is desired, needed or required during the process. Rates are discussed in free booking session. 

Personal Life Coaching

Talk With Coach Tea helps individuals grow from where they are to where they desire to be (whether skill enhancement, personal/professional development, spiritual or financial).  A helping hand is given to help clients navigate, manage and take control of life’s choices, challenges, struggles and upsets.  Coping skill training is provided to assist with promoting positive thoughts, behaviors and responses to situations or conditions that serve as hindrances. Accountability, tools, insights, and support structures are provided to help identify and achieve personal goals using a best choice approach.

Spiritual Life Coaching

One on one and small grouping coaching is provided. Spiritual life coaching incorporates Godly principles as the foundational base to assist clients with moving forward to overcome life challenges and achieve life goals. Biblical principles are used to empower individuals who desire to apply faith in God as the dominant force when making life choices.  Respect is given that many people have different spiritual beliefs. Talk with Coach practice approach, encouragement and structure is based on Christianity belief (monotheistic).  

Professional Life Coaching

One on one and small grouping coaching is provided. A co-creative co-active and co-directive process includes creating a strategic, purposeful plan of action to empower clarification and direction for professional development. Tools are provided related to presentation in getting the job wanted or desired, being an effective team player, becoming a valued staff member and a better employee/professional in work environment.  Valued assistance is given in how to identify and solve work issues in professional environments with appropriate steps and responses. Professional coaching includes bi-weekly sessions that involve accountability and interactive processes when needed or if applicable.

Financial Life Coaching

Financial life coaching provides money management/literacy training; inclusive of how to use money as a tool to individuals (18 plus) couples and groups.  Financial insight and tools are provided to identify financial weak areas that stop progression of monetary success or requirements for daily living. A helping hand is provided in how to achieve financial goals related to saving, budgeting and debt management. Financial stability empowerment involves a co-creative, co-active and co-directive process, that empowers clients to gain freedom that comes with being in control of their money. 


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