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Tips For Coping During The Pandemic

How are you coping with what is happening in the world of social distancing due to the Coronavirus?

First and foremost, social distancing does not mean social disconnect; just as being self-confined to our homes does not have to be total isolation. It is okay to be in touch with or have feelings of uncertainty about the issues that affect us all (e.g., self-confinement, doing self-care, coping, working from home, being home with children, keeping a routine schedule, staying safe). We will and can get through this, we should push through and move past feelings that may cause us to get stuck. Positive insights can allow us to learn and expand our horizon.

See my suggested tips while sheltering in place:

  • Be present in each moment and this includes our thoughts, feelings and behavior.

  • Check your mood daily, positive thoughts on purpose makes a difference for you and others you may connect with.

  • Get up at a pre-schedule time to begin work, if working remotely at home (shower and get dressed even if casual, be presentable).

  • Keep a scheduled routine

  • Meditate, pray and self-reflect (positive thought moments)

  • Eat a healthy breakfast (can boost the immune system)

  • Exercise daily (a physical and mental booster, stress reducer)

  • Set short term goals about what work needs to be accomplished (company or personal goals), prioritize and do it!

  • Set a time for ending your work or home goal day, maintain flexibility during this time

  • Connect with others. Talk with friends and loved ones over the phone or via video chat about your concerns and how you are feeling.

  • Keep in touch, help, encourage and pray for others.

  • Be kind, we all feel the stress and how we respond can make the difference.


  • Take breaks from watching, reading, or listening to news stories and social media.

  • Take care of yourself. Take deep breaths, stretch, or meditate. Try to eat healthy meals, exercise regularly, and get plenty of sleep.

  • When going out use a mask, gloves, or sanitizer. When returning to the work environment practice safety for self and others, wear your mask and use sanitizer.


A special thank you to all the frontline and essential workers who take care of the sick, ensure necessities are in place for purchase, and those who volunteer their services. These are, and not limited to, health care providers, doctors, nurses, medical technicians, pharmaceutical professionals, truck drivers, food suppliers, grocery store workers, waste pick up specialists and more.

Need to talk with a Life Coach during the Corona Pandemic, contact me at and schedule your free consultation.

We are all in THIS together!

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